Welcome to Sutton Yoga Garden!

At Sutton Yoga Garden our priority is for our students to leave our classes feeling relaxed both mentally and physically. We offer small, intimate classes (max 4 people per class) in our beautiful wooden log cabin. We get to know our regular students on a more personal level. Understanding injuries, occupations etc so that we’re able to guide and use props that suit each individual’s body.

Yoga is an excellent complementary practice to the gym, sports, running etc. It increases flexibility, tones muscles while being gentle on the body and helps to prevent injury.

There are 4 classes every week; Beginner’s Yoga every Monday 7:30-8:30pm with Liz. Kundalini Yoga every Tuesday at 10:30am with Celine. Vinyasa Flow every Tuesday at 8pm with Linda. Yin Yoga every Thursday at  7pm with Olivia

See below for contact details or check out our schedule to see which class would suit you best.


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50 Offington Ave

Sutton, Dublin 13.