The Beauty of a Smaller Yoga Studio

Everything in the yoga world has its place and this article isn’t throwing shade at bigger studios as they also have many benefits such as, more flexible class schedules, the types of classes on offer and price bundles. However, for those just starting out on their yoga journey or for people looking for something a little more intimate, then a small yoga studio could really suit you.


The Teacher Can See You


You won’t be stuck 4 or 5 rows behind where you might get a personal adjustment a few classes into the course. The teacher will be able to spot a mistake within the first class and will be able to give you a personal adjustment, thus greatly improving your practice weekly.


You Can See the Teacher


Again you’re not stuck 4 or 5 rows behind just copying the people in front of you. Instead you’ll be able to see the teacher’s demonstrations and hear their verbal queues more clearly. All of this helps to add to your yoga knowledge and bodily awareness.


More Intimate Classes


The teacher will get to know regulars on a more personal level. Understanding individual’s injuries, occupations etc. Therefore the teacher will be able to guide and prop their students in and out of poses that suit each individual’s body.


Benefit from a More Relaxed Environment


Smaller yoga studios obviously have smaller classes where people get to know each other, this is particularly nice if you’ve moved and are looking to make new friends. Because there’s less people in the studio, students might feel less intimidated to ask questions and this can be especially helpful for people who have never done yoga before.


Whatever your preference whether it’s a massive studio in the city centre, a small one in the suburbs, heated yoga, restorative yoga etc, there is something in this yoga world to suit each individual’s needs. The first step is to get on your mat and try it out for yourself.


Liz Ferris,

Sutton Yoga Garden.