Tight Hips? Try These Yoga Poses for Some Relief

Why do we hold emotion in our body?

It is said that we hold emotion in our hips. Think of the last time you received bad news. Remember that feeling in the pit of your stomach? Remember your shoulders and jaw tightening? When we receive bad news sometimes it can be to much for the brain and nervous system to process. Our body stores some of that grief/stress for it to come up for healing at a later stage. 

One of the main places where we hold old emotion is our hips. Other places include the lower back, neck, shoulders and stomach.

Some tips for relieving tight hips.

  • Allow the change to happen both mentally and physically. Greet the comfortable and uncomfortable feelings. See how these move and change as you hold the pose. You could feel a great sense of relief or happiness and sometimes tears might happen. Your body and mind will greatly benefit from this and will help you to move on.
  • Try your best to stay with the discomfort in these poses. If you’re feeling any sharp pains or numbness come out of the pose and ask the teacher for help. 
  • Stay with your breath. I often say to my students that with each exhale the muscles and cells are becoming more receptive to the pose. This will allow the body to sink further into the pose and to allow that release to happen.
  • Take your time! This video is sped up super fast! Try staying in the still poses for at least 5 minutes. 

List of poses from the video:

  • Runners lunge
  • Twist
  • Warrior 1 low lunge
  • Quad stretch hand to foot
  • Lizard pose
  • Hip circles
  • Child’s pose with side stretch
  • Wide leg forward fold 
  • Side stretch
  • Pigeon pose
  • Fire log pose with forward fold