Our Teachers

My name is Liz, I began practising yoga when I was 15. I originally started yoga because I wanted to stretch out more. I was doing a lot of ballet at the time and felt I didn’t get enough time during class to stretch as much as I’d have liked. Then the reason why I did yoga changed about 4 years ago when I suffered from my first panic attack and ended up in the back of an ambulance. I began to realise the importance of meditation, sleep, life-balance and cutting down on the booze. Along with therapy and yoga I began to manage my anxiety and gain more self-awareness.

I recently completed my 250hr yoga teacher training in The Elbowroom. I have a passion for mindfulness, meditation and, of course, yoga.

I teach Beginner’s Yoga every Monday 19:30-20:30. Contact me at suttonyogagarden@gmail.com or 0871302449.

Yvonne is a certified 200 hour yoga teacher with a passion for the joy of movement. Having pursued full-time dance training, she has gained a unique understanding of the body and an appreciation for safe alignment in movement. Yoga is something that changed Yvonne’s life. She went from an incredibly high-stressed place to one of contentment, peace and connection. She wants to make sure that every student in the room is catered for, nurtured and gaining something special from the practice.

In Yvonne’s class you can expect to move in unique flows, find deep comfort and new space in your body.

Yvonne will begin teaching Vinyasa Flow every Wednesday from Sept 4th at 18:15 and also 19:30. You can contact her on 087 779 5309.